Every community wants to thrive

Every community and person in it
has aspirations for a future better
than today

Every citizen wants a credible,
capable, and effective system of

Every citizen wants leaders who
govern fairly and well

Every leader wants the skills,
knowledge, and wisdom to lead

Everyone wants, in some way, to
save the world


The MorganCPS Group works to build successful communities. Serving as consultants in community and organizational development, John Morgan leads building teams as appropriate for each project. Services fall into three broad categories:

  • Organizational Development and Strategic Planning – Consulting, guiding, facilitating, planning, and leading organizational change.

  • Urban Planning – Consulting with communities on both long range and current planning efforts with an emphasis on improving structure and processes and enhancing civic engagement.
  • Teaching and Speaking – Classes, breakouts, and keynotes are all available covering a broad array of civic topics. John describes it as “social studies for adults.”




The Chinook Institute

Creating and Supporting Profound Leadership,
Making a Difference in the World

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John N. Morgan

Helping People and Communities Create
the Persistent Capacity to Thrive

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